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To truly get to know a country, you need to meet its people, eat its food and experience its culture. Going on safari is an interpretative experience and every aspect seems to have a language of its own. Translating the language of safari is what we love to do for our guests. By understanding that going on a safari can be a daunting experience, we know how to amplify the experience to its full potential. A private guide is there to take care of guests and see the experience through from start to finish. By travelling with a private guide, our guests are in a unique position to understand the intricacies of the natural world, taking in nature with complete peace of mind.


More than 30 years of combined experience in the guiding and hospitality industry makes our team of specialist safari and photographic guides the ultimate hosts. They will assist you in planning your dream safari, whilst personally addressing the expectations and interests of our guests.


Our presence ensures that your safety is a priority. It also guarantees that your stay in Africa will be nothing but one incredible adventure. This means that you’ll have zero worries about daily logistics and organisation whilst on safari. True peace of mind allows every guest to completely immerse themselves in the experience of a lifetime.


Want a more personal approach to a safari? Book a private guided experience today.

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