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Read about some of the experiences we have shared with guests during their travels with Escape Safari Co.


“My first adventure in the African bush was in March 2013 when a good friend invited me to join him for a week in his paradise, a Private Game Reserve in Sabi Sands. My wife and I were completely amazed but the close, very emotional contact with nature blew us away. The close encounters with leopard, lion, cheetah and all the other animals showed us that we had to return. We have since invited family and friends over the years to share the fantastic environment and a very relaxed holiday.


Having Don as our ranger on our fifth trip was the next level change. Don is very, very knowledgeable and always does his utmost to give us a lifetime of memories. On top of the safari experience, he is also a professional wildlife photographer who is more than willing to share his knowledge, even with those a lot less experienced. This has improved my photography skills drastically during the four trips that we have done with Don. Our home is now covered with great wildlife photos that we treasure. Going to the African bush on a well-organised trip is a life-changer and very addictive. We love it and try to return for a week once or twice a year.”


- Erik Lindgren, Stockholm, Sweden


"My boys (8 and 10 at the time) and I, enjoyed the most wonderful two week holiday with Mike. Our logistics were seamless; from our rendezvous in Jo’burg airport through to the final departure. We stayed in four camps across Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique.


Mike was with us from beginning to end, always sharing his passion and knowledge for Africa. And although we did check off “the big five” our experience was far more fulfilling than a simple bucket list. Mike immersed us fully in the environment, even organizing soccer games with the locals at each camp, while others napped after lunch. It was a bespoke, thoroughly planned and most wonderful vacation. Thanks to Mike, we have never smiled so much in our lives. I recommend Escape Safari Co. unconditionally."


- Andrew, London, UK


“When booking an African adventure most people will tell you that the location is the single most important thing.  While important, it is not the place that makes the adventure, but the guides.  Almost any place you go in African will give you amazing moments of awe and adventure, but to understand Africa, and the unique aspect of where you are you need knowledgeable and experienced guides.  Don Heyneke is one of these people.  Don holds an intimate knowledge of the places you will go whether it be the animals, the plant life, or the local tribes.  He doesn’t just take you to places, he takes you into them, and makes you part of them.”


- Chris D’Amore, Los Angeles, USA


"Having done countless safaris, the few days spent with Don in the Sabi Sands stood out as a highlight of my travels with a guiding professional’s love of nature, skill and passion on full display. It is seldom that guides have the ability to combine hospitality intuition with raw nature experiences, something that seems to come naturally to Don."


- Arnold Meyer, CEO Tswalu, South Africa

"We recently undertook a privately guided safari at Mana Pools in Zimbabwe. Our guide, Mike Sutherland, was central to making this the most magical of experiences. Mike brings a passion for wildlife and wilderness that is both inspiring and life-enhancing. Whether it is describing the minutest detail of plumage on a Bateleur Eagle, explaining the social interaction of elephants or walking with lions, one is captivated by Mike’s love of Africa’s wild places. He has a vast depth of knowledge about the bush and its teeming diversity and is able to explain and educate. He has a fund of anecdotes and stories that make the evenings pass way too quickly around the campfire.


He is an extraordinarily gifted wildlife photographer, is eager to pass on this knowledge and draws out perfection from the most mundane-seeming scenes. His intuitive understanding of the habits of animals and his deep knowledge of the dynamics of the wild environment, allowed Mike to take us to those very special places and experience magical events every day during our trip. Mike’s blend of knowledge, experience, ability to inspire and the organizational skills to make the seemingly impossible possible, created a truly wonderful adventure. We have another more extensive trip planned with Mike in 2019 and are counting down the days."


- Michael and Alison Rendell, London, UK


"Don was our safari guide last year and made the experience truly unforgettable. Don has to be not only one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met but also so down to earth and welcoming. He helped me and my wife truly understand so many aspects of the bush and also helps us capture these moments with photography and editing. We left so informed and with multiple shots that we couldn’t wait to get home and frame. Simply put, we just love Don and highly recommend him for anybody looking for an epic Africa safari experience."


- Tyler & Hayley Hubbard, Nashville, USA


"Our first trip to Africa was, of course, amazing for all the reasons Africa is so mind-blowing. For us as a family though, it genuinely was the brilliance of our guide that made the trip. Mike inspired our family from the minute he met us from the plane. He made it so fun and the kids were brimming with new knowledge, which they still talk about now. Watching him in the bush was just incredible. He is so calm and knowledgeable and his experience made Safari virgins like us feel 100% safe. Aside from his considerable expertise, he is a brilliant storyteller so campfire dinners and sundowners were always hilarious. We can’t wait to travel with him again. Where to next Mike?!"


- Faure Family, London, UK


"We took a 7-day Safari with Don and we had a fantastic experience! He has a fun personality that makes him very easy to get along with. He answered all of our many questions about the animals with facts that show just how experienced and knowledgeable he is. Don is the best guide I've had on safari and he will make anyone's trip a very memorable one!"


- Joe Lopez, New York, USA


"I have travelled all over the world and Escape Safari Co. is the best safari/travel company I have dealt with! They were friendly and always available. Having Don as our private guide was a highlight for us. He took care of every detail and made us feel safe where ever we went. Don and Escape have taken me to some remote areas of Africa and I look forward to my next adventure with them."


- Cat Cent, Saint Barthélemy


"I have known Mike and Don for many years as game rangers at Londolozi. They are both passionate and true lovers of the African bush and they have an amazing amount of experience in their field of expertise. I can personally testify to their passion and experience as I have had first-hand experience/s of being guided by them many times in the past. I am very happy to answer any questions regarding their integrity and professionalism at any time. I am able to recommend them very highly and know that they will not disappoint their clients. I will be supporting them and I wish them well in their business together."


- Ted Swindon, South Africa.


“We have had the pleasure of Don as our guide on two trips to the South African Bushveld and both have been sublime experiences. Don has a deep-seated love of nature and the bush and this is abundantly apparent when he takes you on game drives. His innate understanding of animal behaviour enables him to get you much closer to the animals: after witnessing a stand-off between lions and hyenas around a baby elephant carcass Don spotted vultures circling an event. We drove to a site where we have sat next to a mother elephant who had just given birth to a male baby…the umbilical cord was still trailing down her leg. We watched him take his first, stumbling steps, with his sibling trumpeting and chasing off vultures who were flying down for the placenta….. an AMAZING experience!! Every game drive is a learning experience with Don and Don's knowledge of the bush and the animals that inhabit it are the best we have experienced with anyone. Don shares this knowledge and his experiences with humour, enthusiasm and intelligence. We felt safe at all times with Don, whether in the vehicle next to predators or out of the vehicle with rhino in close proximity…his calm demeanour and aura of being in control engenders a sense of security that is welcome in wild surroundings. We feel fortunate to have enjoyed Don’s company enough to now be able to have him as a friend.”


- Derek & Erin Kreunen, Florida, USA



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