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Wildlife photography is where knowledge of animal behaviour, nature, creativity and modern technology connect. Photography can be overwhelming for some and a deep passion for others. Escape Safari Co. caters to all levels and ability of the photographers wanting a deeper appreciation of the wildlife photographic process. It is also for those who desire a deeply emersive nature experience.


Our specialist photographic guides will help guests learn about covering the exposure triangle, composition, wildlife portraits, bird photography, animals in their environment, action, interaction, macro, silhouettes, panning, sunset, sunrise, landscapes, night photography with spotlight (backlighting and side lighting), stars and long exposure. Main areas of focus include technique, understanding of the camera, predicting animal behaviour, post-processing and most importantly developing your creative eye. There is always something new to learn and our guides are hands-on throughout the entire safari.​

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There is no better way to improve your wildlife photography than in the best classroom in the world, the African wilderness. Prior to departure, our team will facilitate online, one-on-one tutorials to help prepare our guests for their photographic journey.

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In our opinion, recognising an opportunity, understanding what photograph to take and when to take it, are the most important parts of wildlife photography. Our photographic guides understand animal behaviour on a deeper level. This allows them to predict animal movements in order to get the most out of an opportunity. During this process, there is an exciting natural development of your own creativity and understanding.

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Post-processing is a subtle art in its own right. All of our guides have an insightful understanding of Lightroom and how to get the most out of a photograph without misplacing it from reality.


Come join us on a photographic journey where we rediscover wildlife through a lens.



Photography is one of our greatest passions at Escape Safari Co. and it is a big part of why we love what we do. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with people and we are driven by giving people the best opportunity to capture their dream images.

We know, from experience, that photography can be daunting at first. It is a dynamic skill and there are so many different elements to consider, which challenges creativity and co-ordination. It is a constant learning experience that allows each person to express themselves in their own unique way.

Our photography Tips & Tricks Photographic E-Book is a practical guide to photography, using real-life scenarios to simplify each technique. It has been developed by specialist photographic guides to help you navigate through your photographic journey. It can be downloaded to your smartphone and iPad or Tablet so you are able to have quick access in the field.

If you would like your very own Tips & Tricks Photographic E-Book, please click the button below and complete the form, we will then get in touch to send you a free downloadable version of our e-book to enjoy.

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