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The need to disconnect in order to reconnect with nature and oneself has never been greater. Sometimes all it requires is pressing the escape button to discover places you thought were out of reach. Nature is our best teacher and reminds us to be present and patient. This makes a safari the ultimate way to unwind and gain perspective.


At Escape Safari Co. we understand the desire for discovery, adventure and the feeling of true wilderness. Africa has an allure like none other and we are exceptionally passionate about sharing it with people. Whether it is by vehicle, on foot, boat or even a traditional mokoro,  people with a natural curiosity are drawn to Africa. Here, they get to experience some of the most astonishing, unusual and magnificent wildlife and landscapes on earth.


Our aim is to make life-changing experiences a reality by tailoring all safaris with exceptional detail and care. A very personal approach makes every guest feel welcome, cared for and safe throughout the process of planning this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

An African safari is so much more than just a holiday. By visiting iconic destinations like this, you actively play a role in the fortification of the three pillars that make up the safari tourism industry: People, Land and Wildlife. At Escape Safari Co. we’re constantly striving to participate in the custodianship of wildlife, wilderness areas and local communities, believing that with your help, anything is possible.


Why not choose your safari experience and let our specialists handle all the details? We’ll plan, book and host your adventure so that you can make memories that last forever.

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Safari experiences


Africa is an incredibly diverse continent that offers a variety of experiences. Between impenetrable forests, towering mountains and vast grass plains, you’ll find some of the most pristine beaches in all the world. This also includes an impressive collection of beach destinations along Africa’s coastline and nearby islands.


The combination of a safari and beach holiday is a penultimate experience for honeymooners, couples and families visiting South and East Africa. There’s nothing like a few days on a tropical beach as the perfect end to a safari, where you can reminisce about the sunrises and sightings that were experienced.


Some of our favourites beach escapes include the likes of Zanzibar, Mozambique, Madagascar, Seychelles and Mauritius. The choice of beach location is normally determined by your particular safari destinations, however, combining two has been simplified thanks to modern air travel and our intricate knowledge of the logistics involved. This means that you could be on the beach the same day you complete your safari.


Want the best of both worlds? Get in touch with our team and our specialists will create an itinerary just for you…


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