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Wilderness and Wellness trips can be booked in a retreat style for groups as well as for couples or individuals looking to add a new element to their African trip. Another key feature is that because you are traveling with your private wellness guide, these trips are not limited to specific locations; instead in consultation with our knowledgeable team this experience can be taken to any of your dream destinations.


On these safaris we fall in line with nature’s rhythm and find ourselves an integral part of it. There is no better place to remember your own true nature than in the wilderness. From this deeply aware and connected place we co-create with the healing of the planet. This is true transformational travel.

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The ancient practice of yoga blends seamlessly with the innate understanding that we form part of nature. There is a reason why yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and why since time immemorial people have retreated to nature for solitude and reconnection. Now we bring these two together. The practice of yoga has exploded in the west as more and more people feel the desire to seek deeper connection to what is, to know themselves more fully, to move consciously and to embody. There is nowhere better to explore this than in the heart of nature. And the wonderful thing about a yoga mat is that it can be carried anywhere, allowing you to practice in some of Africa’s wildest and most remote spots.

Imagine taking your yoga practice to the banks of a river where your focus point is a heard of elephants feeding below you or exploring tree pose beneath ancient Leadwood or Baobab trees. Before even setting off on safari in the morning you can expand your awareness in a guided meditation as a chorus of birds welcome the rising sun around you and lions roar in the distance. Through coaching you can begin to embody the peace and presence of the animals you witness on safari in real ways to ensure that the joy of your holiday never leaves your bones. By moving and breathing consciously on your safari, you return home healthy and restored.

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A wellness safari is an experience that truly nourishes and heals your mind, body and soul. Where before you may have returned home and lost the peace of the wilderness amidst the pressures of everyday life, these safaris are designed to equip you with tools and experiences so that the peace remains.


We understand that each individual has different needs or hopes for a safari of this kind. Some may wish to delve deeply into life coaching, to analyse dreams and to free themselves from limiting beliefs whilst others purely wish to continue their yoga practice or learn the basics of meditation. With our wellness safari specialists guides travelling alongside you, you’ll decide together just how deeply you step into this experience. The heart of a safari will always be the wildlife experience and these wellness trips are not designed to compete with that. In fact, these safaris help you to understand and appreciate the wildlife and environment more profoundly and take you deeper into nature than you’ve been before.

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Want a more personal approach to a wellness safari? Book a transformational experience today.

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