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The very place where safari travel originated! Kenya is the setting of the most well-known safari vacations for any avid traveller. These feature the likes of beautiful, vast, rolling grasslands and the best of big game viewing. It is a country of natural splendour and great diversity, with some of the most welcoming people. It is this, among other things, that make it Africa’s greatest safari destination.


The country is bisected by the equator and lies on the east coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean. The climate varies, however, due to the undulating geography. This means that one can experience high humidity and rainfall in one region and distinctly cooler climates in another.

The East African Rift Valley runs north to south through the country. The land is dotted with volcanoes and a series of lakes with the most northern being Lake Turkana, the source of the Nile River.


Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction to the country is the great migration in the legendary Masai Mara. Millions of animals, wildebeest, zebra and gazelle partake in an annual migration between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti, following rainfall throughout the year. Combined with luxury beach resorts off of the Kenyan coast, Kenya provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all.


As a country of diversity and contrast, it also has an array of National Parks. These include Tsavo National Park, the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Laikipia Plateau and Lake Nakuru.



Considered as one of the best locations in the Masai Mara, this camp is suspended on a hillside 300m above the Mara triangle. The location is the very site where, “Out of Africa” was filmed, many years ago. 


The lodge comprises of two separate camps, each with their own main areas. The tented suites have 11m floor-to-ceiling glass fronts with uninterrupted views of the Mara triangle. 


Family suites have interconnecting walkways that make for the perfect retreat for those with small children. A communal, rim-flow pool overlooks the vast plains, while guests are able to enjoy walks along the Great Rift Valley with traditional Masai people to experience their culture first hand.


Access is as simple as a flight from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport into the camp’s private runway, thereafter, guests can walk or drive to the lodge.



&Beyond Kichwa Tembo is renowned for its gracious team of Kenyan staff whose warm welcome, charming service and effortless energy delight guests from all over the world.


Stretched out along the Sabaringo River on the edge of the Oloololo escarpment, Kichwa Tembo looks out onto the plains of the Masai Mara. Set on a private concession leased from Masai landlords in the north of the Mara, this camp offers the bliss of total seclusion and the beauty of abundant wildlife.


Simple yet contemporary, the Maasai-inspired suites are elegant and timeless. This cements &Beyond Kichwa Tembo as the unrivalled luxury tented camp of its size in the greater Mara. As guests arrive, they are instantly welcomed and taken aback by the commanding view, whilst spacious guest areas incorporate split-level spaces where anyone can relax and unwind.



Singita Mara River Tented Camp is the epitome of sustainable tourism and consciously seeks to eliminate the unnecessary use of energy and non-biodegradable materials.


In keeping with this philosophy, the camp operates “off-the-grid” and relies entirely on a custom-designed solar system for its power and the use of recycled and natural materials wherever possible. Inside the camp, bohemian-chic accents set the tone for cool relaxation, where spun natural fabrics, canvas, stone and raw leather blend with Maasai primary colours and elegant art pieces by young African designers and craftsmen. The functional East African design encourages guests to embrace the outdoors and connect with nature.




Sasaab is close to the Buffalo Springs and Samburu National Reserves, in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District. It’s a place of rich natural diversity with an astounding number of animals. These include elephant, lion, leopard and cheetah and the ‘Samburu Special Five’ that comprises of the beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk antelope and Somali ostrich. 


The architecture of Sasaab follows strong Moroccan design principles in which African heat is of primary consideration. From the veranda, guests can take in the remarkable views across the Laikipia Plateau towards the jagged peak of Mount Kenya. Its position on the river naturally facilitates the watching of majestic elephant coming to bathe. 


Each individual cottage is designed to offer majestic views of the landscape and a cooling retreat from the African heat. The airy rooms with four-poster beds, vast open-air bathrooms and private plunge pools make for a completely invigorating experience. 



Kicheche Mara Camp is a classic tented camp hidden in a beautiful valley in a prime wildlife area of the Mara North Conservancy. The luxury tents are laid out alongside a seasonal stream. From here, you can observe the resident birdlife and open plains filled with game.

The camp is situated in an Acacia Valley a prime wildlife area within a top-quality conservancy with access from Mara North airstrip a mere 20 minutes game drive away.


The location is ideal as game viewing frequently starts in the camp itself because it is surrounded by wildlife habitat on all sides. This makes it the ideal base for your safari in the Masai Mara. Bordering the Mara Reserve, it is one of the biggest conservancies in the area with amazing game viewing all year round.

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