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Escape is now in the Cape.

Escape Safari Co. has been based in Johannesburg since its inception in 2018. During the early stages of the pandemic, we decided that it was time to take a leap of faith and make the move to one of Africa’s most iconic cities, Cape Town. It was a fairly easy decision for us, as it is a favourite destination for Escape Safari Co. guests and just a magnificent city to live in, in general. As each day passes, we are exploring more and learning more about what this beautiful city has to offer. We have all become more familiar with the city and we are definitely growing fonder of her each day.

The team have completely taken to what Cape Town has to offer and have spent the better half of 2021 exploring, hiking, surfing and dining their way around the mother city. Luckily for us, team bonding has taken on a new shape and sometimes meetings in Muizenburg after a surf or in Franschhoek after a hike definitely has us feeling extremely grateful. We are so excited about this chapter for Escape Safari Co. and we cannot wait to welcome guests back into South Africa and show them around our new home.

Cape Town, the Mother City as she is affectionately known, is not only our home but it is a place where we can be creative, collaborative and current. It is a city that is driven by tourism, by food, wine and experiences and our hope and goal over the months and years ahead, is to gain a deep understanding of her and her people, so that when you visit us in our home town, we can show you what she is all about!

Not only have we moved cities but we are also excited to announce that our team has grown and we are now 3. Allow us to introduce you to, the newest member of our team, Tippy Brewitt. Tippy moved to Cape Town from the Sabi Sands at the beginning of this year to join our team. She is passionate about all things safari, travel and Cape Town and having rich industry background, she has intimate knowledge of the experiences we offer and the places we take you. You can read all about Tippy in her bio on our website.

We are very proud to welcome Tippy to our growing team and we are sure she will be a valuable asset going forward. She will be heading up the reservations for Escape Safari Co. in the near future and we hope that you will reach out to her when you are planning your next safari.

So, when you start thinking about your next trip to Africa, consider visiting us in the Cape, we will show you around our town and make sure you have an experience like no other.

Come Escape to the Cape.

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