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Melvill and Moon Collaboration

Updated: May 21, 2020

As our business continues to grow, we are always looking for ways to enhance our guests experience. Managing the entire safari experience from inception of the ideas to the booking process, the safari and the facilitation of the journey with our experienced team, gives our guests piece of mind when choosing to travel with us.

Our business has a goal of being extremely personalised in our approach, in our communication and in our delivery and this personalised experience naturally spills over into every facet of our business. Enter Melvill and Moon.

Melvill and Moon, started by the Melvill family is a family run and owned safari outfitter. They are backed by an African heritage that goes back 8 generations. Having arrived in Southern Africa as missionaries in the 1700’s, the Melvill family established themselves as prominent land surveyors, cattle ranchers and soldiers. One thing that features prominently through the generations however is a love of Africa and a passion for Safari.

Melvill and Moon manufacture a broad range of high end, handmade safari luggage, campaign furniture, canvas and leather safari accessories and safari-style seat covers which are made from 100% old fashioned cotton canvas.

Escape Safari Co. is excited to collaborate with the Melvill and Moon team and we have been given the privilege of becoming their sole associated safari partner. Our founders, Mike and Don are now also proud Melvill and Moon ambassadors.

As Melvill and Moon's safari partner, we will be facilitating safaris for the growing Melvill and Moon data base of clients from all over the world. Through this connection, we will be able to grow both brands simultaneously, with a significant focus on the luxury safari market.

Our relationship will also extend to our existing guests and going forward, guests travelling with us will have the option of including Melvill and Moon products to their safari package at extremely discounted rates. Items could include luggage and accessories, which will be offered to guests through our merchandise catalogue. All guests travelling with Escape Safari Co.* will receive a "Melvill and Moon Safari Package" as an added benefit for booking their safari with us.

Mike and Don are now proud Melvill and Moon ambassadors, along with the legendary Kingsley Holgate. In being brand ambassadors, we act as the face of the brand within the safari realm and we hope to engaged with as many people as possible within the industry and continue to grow the Melvill and Moon brand alongside our own.

Our focus will be to create amazing content for Melvill and Moon, spread the word about their brand and have access to a world class, luxury brand that is directly in line with our offering.

One thing that is important to us at Escape Safari Co. is the prominent and evident love for Africa and for safari across both brands. The alignment is important for us given Melvill and Moon's successful track record as safari outfitters and their focus on providing the best quality gear to their clients.

We hope to build on this great relationship and for all of our guests to have the perfect escape with us, together with their Melvill and Moon accessories.

*This offer will be given to guests who have confirmed safaris after 1 August 2019*

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