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Photographic E-Book: A Practical Guide to Wildlife Photography

Photography is one of our passions at Escape Safari Co. and it is a big part of why we love what we do. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with people. We are driven by giving people the best opportunity to capture their dream images. We know from experience that photography can be daunting at first, it is a dynamic skill and there are so many different elements to consider, which challenges creativity and co-ordination. It is a constant learning experience that allows each person to express themselves in there own unique way.

In an effort to share our photographic experience with people, we decided to create a Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks E-Book which provides all photographers with a practical guide to photography using real-life scenarios to simplify each technique. It has been developed by specialist photographic guides to help you navigate through your photographic journey with ease.

Inside the Photography Tips & Tricks E-book, you will discover everything from manual photography to white balance, and even how to photograph the stars. The E-Book identifies all the elements you need to capture incredible images whilst on safari or while in nature.

A key feature of the e-book is the scenario portion. It gives you the ability to put photography techniques into practice when in a certain situation or when wanting to capture a particular image. This allows you as the photographer to be pre-exposed to a common scene or scenario and then have the skills you need to identify minor adjustments needed to take the best photograph.

These scenarios are a basic representation and are a great starting point to get the most out of each scenario. The e-book looks at wildlife portraits, animals in their environment, capturing action, macro photography, silhouettes, panning or motion blur, sunrise, sunsets, photographing wildlife at night, star photography, and even how to photograph the moon.

Below is a sneak peek into how to best capture a silhouette when the scenario presents itself.

This e-book is an easy-to-use manual, that describes many elements of photography and provides scenario-based tips for budding photographers. It is has been put together by photographic guides with the intention of making learning easy and giving you the necessary skill at your fingertips.

To learn more about purchasing the e-book email us at

Until our next Photographic Escape.

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