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World Safari Day 2021

As the world was hit by a global pandemic, borders began to close, travel was suspended all over the world and many industries were immediately and severely impacted by the effects of the pandemic. Enter African Bush Camps and their drive to ensure the safari industry remained in the spotlight and in doing so, highlight the impact that African travel has on wildlife, wild places and her people.

In 2020, the unofficial “World Safari Day” was born, the aim is to celebrate this occasion each year on the 25th of November. The focus of world safari day is to revive the safari tourism industry and bring light to the people and the wildlife that have been so negatively affected.

As an industry, throughout the lockdown, we have endured through troubled times but we have also had the ability to regroup, reset and adjust the way in which we approach travel. Our world is a different place now and we had to make sure that we move with the times to support, not only our guests but the places they visit.

A safari is not only about seeing iconic wildlife and having close, intimate encounters with them, a safari is also about people, but it is also about preserving cultures and it is about ensuring large tracts of land remain viable for future generations. All of this is supported largely by travel and each guest that visits Africa on safari has a significant impact on the continuity of our space.

A safari is a perfect opportunity to create awareness around the many economic benefits that our industry has, specifically for communities that surround many private and national reserves across Africa.

It is estimated that around 30million people travel to Africa each year, 10% of the travel that occurs globally each year. This is a significant statistic and is proof of how powerful tourism is economically.

By travelling to Africa you not only allow wild places and their inhabitants to continue to thrive and succeed, by you create jobs, contribute toward education, schooling and healthcare. A safari has so many unseen impacts on the daily lives of all Africans.

So, if you are planning your African safari, and are looking for ways to help on World Safari Day, consider contributing to a conservation project whilst travelling or include time with a local community whilst here.

Today, we celebrate #WorldSafariDay and as we do, we will continue to inspire your curiosity by creating lifelong memories through our meaningful safaris across our beautiful continent.

Come Escape with us.

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